Unmistakable Brand Audit

Unlock Your Brand's Hidden Potential and Amplify Your Conversions With Expert Profile Optimization

"The Brand Audit has given me the confidence to lean into my story, and not be afraid to take it to the next level. If you're struggling with finding and connecting with your ideal clients, having not one but two sets of attentive, objective eyes providing honest feedback and different aspects is an absolute no brainer. I loved how each of you provided your own perspective and ideas in a collaborative way."

Rebecca Chapple

Health Coach

At Learn Earn Impact, we understand the challenges that new and rising coaches face.

You might be getting plenty of likes and encouraging comments on your content, but it's not translating into a continuous flow of paying clients for your programs. You're consistent, but something's missing, and you're not sure what.

"My biggest takeaway from the audit was finding my true brand. Having that feeling deep in the soul that this is MY brand! ♥️ I am very organized and love planing things out, but I am also very creative so having two strong women with different mind/skills is having the BEST of both worlds in one company! I never felt pushed in a direction that didn’t align with me because you both listen and truly understood me."

Katie Boensch

Essential Oils Educator

What To Expect:

Our Brand Audits offer an intensive, high-potency solution to uncover and rectify your profile blind spots, and provide actionable steps to convert leads into clients through your social media presence.

Here's our signature process:


Our first step is to comb through your profile with expert eyes to see what you think you're communicating and understand how it differs from what your audience perceives.


Next, we'll dive deep into what makes your brand so unique. We'll unlock your story and bring immense clarity and confidence to the message you want to communicate through your social platforms.


Now that you have clarity in what you want to communicate to your audience, we will map out a customized, step-by-step plan for how to optimize your social media to convert followers into clients.

"The call was the best! I'm so grateful to have the direction that when I sit down to work, I’ll actually work instead of scrolling  to get inspiration. The content ideas and thought provoking prompts have me feeling more confident. Investing in yourself is always worth it, but the return with McKenna & Charissa gets life-long lasting value and results!"

Reagan Rios

Spiritual Life Coach and Guide

"For the last 7 years, I've avoided having myself be part of the brand so the audit required me to deep dive into my why, who I am, who I serve, and what's critically important to me. You both hit it out of the park and I really appreciated all the amazing feedback I was given. My schedule is so jam packed that the opportunity to complete an intensive was easier and made it affordable for our small nonprofit to say yes to signing up!"

Meredith Nolan

Agave Dogs Rescue Founder

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