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Become An Unmistakable Thought Leader In Your Industry With Strategic Brand Positioning That Gives You The Competitive Edge & Amplifies Your Revenue


Working with McKenna and Charissa confirmed for me that I made the right decision to invest in Unbound. These ladies are digging deep with me so I can show up and attract MY audience. These two 'Get' me and guide me through authentic conversations about how I want to help other women and provide tools for me to show up confidently!

Melissa Randall
Founder, Director, CEO at Studio Hope 48813


The coaches are phenomenal! For the first time since quitting my nursing job, I feel like I’m truly making a difference in people’s lives. I would not be where I am today without the Unbound coaches and this course.

Amy Kandetzke

Hormone Coach, Owner at Optimal Health Solutions LLC

For coaches growing on social media today, 

becoming Unmistakable is no longer an option.

Here’s the reality: There are 750 thousand coaches selling programs on social media and more launching every day. If you’re not standing out from your competition, you will struggle to create demand for your services and attract clients.

This is where we come in. We help coaches become Unmistakable leaders in their industry through strategic brand positioning. This allows you to captivate and convert your audience, create unparalleled presence in your industry, and amplify your revenue.

Who Do We Work With?

We work with coaches who are problem-solving, self-led women who are confident in their expertise and the transformative results they deliver for their clients. 

They are heart-led, thought leaders who possess a burning passion to build a sustainable coaching business and brand online.

They are excited about making more money, but even more excited about creating true impact in the world!

Sound like you? 


You ladies have inspired me to share so much more of my story, to be vulnerable and authentic. This opportunity has changed my life. I have now discovered how I can shine bright and help others the way I have always wanted to. Unbound has helped me show up more consistently, show up confidently, and learn how to recover from my perfectionist mindset. Thank you for giving me the courage to do this

Monica Kenney
Fitness Accountability Coach


Thank you for showing me how to unapologetically show up in this space! I'm loving how I'm showing up, it's like I have full permission to be me!

I thought you had to show up on social media a certain way, and it's so freeing being unapologetic about it! And it's working! My business is blowing up!

Kerri-Lynn Netko

Network Marketer

How Do We Get Our Clients Such Incredible Results?

Together, we will build and implement a completely customized, done-with-you marketing plan that fully embodies your unique message and is completely authentic to you, your personality, and the way you want to impact online through your coaching program.

Here's our signature process:


Uncover your brand's unique magic by igniting a movement that resonates with the hearts and minds of your ideal clients. The first step in our journey together is to craft a compelling identity and movement that captivates your audience, showcasing what makes you truly unique. 


Leverage the power of your movement to expand your authority in your industry. Together, we unlock your Unmistakable brand positioning strategy to rise above the competition and grow your brand’s visibility and impact.


Now that you have a loyal, growing audience, we will help you create a content strategy that pulls in your “Hell yes!” clients and converts them on repeat so you can take the guesswork out of what to say, when to say it, and how to finally make money doing what you love.

Here's What To Expect During Our Time Together:

Personalized Done-With-You Brand Strategy

We develop your customized, done-with-you brand strategy that fully embodies your unique message and authentically represents you, your personality, and your desired impact through your coaching program. Your brand strategy unlocks what makes you unmistakable in your niche.

Guided Brand-Movement Clarity Sessions

Ignite your brand movement with hands-on guided discovery sessions that uncover your unique vision, which serve as the foundation and north star of your brand positioning strategy. These clarity sessions will create simplicity and flow in all your marketing and sales communications.

Marketing Plan + Brand Messaging Optimization Calls

Experience high-touch, hands-on mentorship calls that guide you in implementing your brand positioning strategy. We provide expert guidance on building a comprehensive 1-year marketing plan and offer valuable insights on your brand and content strategy implementation. We help you identify blind spots and ensure that your social media presence positions you as an industry leader.

Magnetic AF Content Creation Sessions

Craft emotionally engaging and captivating content that attracts high-caliber clients, prepares them for your offers, and helps you confidently sell every day. It's not about vanity metrics or superficial engagement; it's about creating content that truly connects, innovates in your space, and drives results.

Exclusive On-Demand Client Support Channel

Gain exclusive, direct access to us in between coaching calls to get your questions answered in real-time and move the needle forward in your business NOW. With daily support from us and a community of amazing members, you can collaborate, celebrate wins, and surround yourself with like-minded individuals on your journey.

Proprietary Lead Management (CRM) System

Gain 6 months of access to our custom CRM to effortlessly track and nurture your leads on social media. Say hello to simplified tracking, improved client retention, and efficient prospect management, so you can spend more time serving your clients and less time buried in lists of names and contact info.

All of the above DONE-WITH-YOU so you’re being personally guided toward a brand strategy that aligns uniquely to you and your expertise so you get results like ⬇️

During Your Consultation...

While we're obsessed with helping coaches elevate their brand positioning, this program is not for everyone. Due to the high-touch, hands-on nature of our services, we only take a few clients at a time and are extremely selective about who we work with. This means that the best time to book your consultation was yesterday and the next best time is RIGHT NOW.

During your consultation, we will ask you some questions to understand where you're currently at in your brand strategy and your specific goals and desires.

If it feels like a "Hell-Yes" for us to work together further, we will walk you through the details of our Unleash program and answer any questions you have before getting started.

We look forward to helping you position yourself as an Unmistakable leader in your space. Click here to book your consultation now!


I am so grateful for Unbound! I gained so much clarity on my brand and I left armed and empowered with a clear understanding of my personal brand, my messaging and a content game plan tailored to that brand and brand pillars. This program is a must for anyone wanting to take their branding and content to the next level!

Dawn Tetzlaff
Purpose Coach


"Before Unbound, I was feeling stuck, uninspired, and uncertain about new aspects to building my brand. I felt out-of-alignment with myself, so I joined LEI to gain clarity about my personal brand so that I am not just seen as someone affiliated with XYZ company. I wanted to learn how to better position myself in my business, utilizing my strengths, my core beliefs, and my unique skillset. Now, I have learned how to utilize the unique aspects of my personality to create a brand that is aligned with myself and my mission for others.

Julie Anne

Introvert Coach


Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I get started?

The timing for starting our program depends on various factors. As we prioritize maintaining a high-touch, hands-on experience, we limit our client list to ensure quality. At times, immediate enrollment is possible if we have available space.

However, when our program is full, we offer the option to reserve the next available slot by making a down payment. Typically, the wait time for the next opening is less than 2 months.

During your consultation call, we will discuss our current availability and determine your start date.

Will this work for me?

We have meticulously crafted this program and mentorship to give you all the tools, guidance, and resources you need to succeed in creating a truly Unmistakable brand that positions you as a stand-out leader in your space. 

Ultimately, it's up to you how you implement our mentorship to get the best results. Your success is entirely based on your willingness to do the work, implement what we coach you on, and commitment to the process. Come LIVE to the calls. Use our resources. Ask questions when you have them. Show up consistently and you WILL get results.

This program seems very in-depth; will I have the time to complete everything?

We give you all the tools and guidance you need to succeed. It's up to you how you prioritize implementing our mentorship to get the best results. Depending on your existing skills, experience, and willingness to take action, this can take some clients longer or shorter than others to implement each day. With time, you get better at creating that potent messaging, and it will take less time.

What if I can't make it to the live coaching calls?

All live coaching calls and training sessions are recorded and placed in the client community. We also have our client chat open 24/7 for asking questions or requesting feedback throughout the week between coaching calls.

That said, our clients who are the most successful at elevating their brand positioning, creating potent content, and achieving the most breakthrough from  the Unleash experience are the ones who show up live to the calls. If you want to maximize your investment, we encourage you to treat this program as if your business depended on it (because it very well might!) and commit to showing up as much as you can LIVE.

If you want to truly become Unmistakable as a leader in your industry, Unleash Your Impact will help you get there. If you aren’t standing out from all the noise on social media and creating demand to fill your coaching programs, it’s because you are missing the education and tools inside of this program. 

What happens when I book my consultation?

When you book your consultation, you will be taken to our scheduling page with a brief questionnaire. These questions will ask about you, your goals with your brand positioning, and any challenges you are experiencing to get a feel for whether we're a good fit to work together.

During your consultation, we will go over details of the program, answer any questions you have and, if we feel you're a good fit for our services, we will walk you through enrollment and schedule your onboarding.

Due to the high-touch, hands-on nature of our program, we only take a few clients at a time and are extremely selective about who we work with. This means that the best time to book your consultation was yesterday and the next best time is RIGHT NOW.

What if I still have questions before enrolling?

Great! We love questions. Book your consultation call and we will get all your questions answered before you get started. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected].

Courtney Robinson

Affiliate Marketer, Coach

Thanks to LEI, I have the opportunity to get on a call and help someone, the butterflies in my stomach are overwhelmed with COMPLETE JOY and this is only the beginning! So much growth still to happen but LEI has allowed me to step into my power of being me and being authentic. I am so thankful that I am a part of this community!

Melissa Hink

Network Marketer

This particular coaching program is absolutely everything I needed & was looking for. What I’m learning is more than just business strategies. I’m learning how to show up as my true authentic self, step into my power, share my deep desire to help others and build myself a strong room.

Stacie Gunneman-Webster

Biblical Leadership Coach

So excited to find me again! I had lost who I was and I was struggling with the fear of showing up as me! Well no more! I know God led me here to this community and I’m so thankful for all of you!

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