Looking for Clarity in Your Brand?

  • Define your clear, authentic brand message

  • Build a network of people who trust you

  • Create attention-grabbing content that attracts leads

  • Stand out from all the other social sellers on social media

  • Develop confidence in your conversation and sales skills


McKenna and Charissa are amazing! I wish I had met them years ago. Somehow, they say things I've heard from other coaches, but suddenly, it makes sense. It's like they have a key that no one else has. To call it a clarity call is spot on. At the same time, they teach a different and more authentic strategy. And they're not afraid to tell it as it is. If I could go back and use the money I paid other coaches to hire McKenna and Charissa, I would do so in a heartbeat!

Ashley Banzo Ball
Postpartum Support Coach


Thank you both so much!! 

That call was not what I was expecting at all. I’m definitely blown away with how many realizations I had and how much my perspective just shifted when it comes to sharing my message and mission! You both gave me A LOT to think about and I’m so excited and uplifted now realizing the HUGE potential I have to reach a wider audience.

Thank you!

Katie Hutek

Fitness and Life Coach

During Your Clarity Call...

While we're obsessed with helping coaches elevate their brand positioning, this program is not for everyone.


Things are going great since the call! I’ve connected with so many new people since I put up my message post, have had a couple of orders, and I’m playing around more with making content. So it’s been great and I’m actually having fun again!!!

Davida Fithian
Network Marketer


These ladies over delivered! I met with Charissa and McKenna for a social media audit and let me tell you, they did not disappoint. Not only was I given tips to improve my social media account and message but I received so much clarity around my mission and how I can tie all my passions together. I have a much better path forward for my business thanks to them.

Ashley Leech

Network Marketer and Blogger

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